Clubs and Activities

We provide a wide range of clubs and activities for the children. These take place out of school hours and, include:

Chess, Gardening, Art, Farm Club, Cookery Club, Karate, Pilates, and Pottery Club

Football, Cricket, Cross-Country, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Wake Up Shake Up and Maypole Dancing

In addition to these – and with the guidance of the local HSBC – the children now also run their own school bank.

Breakfast And After School Clubs

Sir Robert Geffery’s School provides a Breakfast Club and an After School Club known as Club 3.30.

These have been designed to assist parents if they wish to leave their children at the school earlier, or collect them later than the normal school hours. Breakfast is of course provided at the Breakfast Club. These clubs cater for all ages and are run by qualified, OFSTED approved staff who have experience in running clubs of a similar type and size.

Various activities include art and outdoor games and there is also the opportunity for children to do their homework.