A Sense of Responsibility

Leading children to develop a sense of loyalty to the school and a sense of responsibility towards their peers.

The school council, elected each year from children of all classes, enables and encourages the children to participate directly in the management of the school. Acting on suggestions in the suggestion box and from their own initiatives, the council works with staff and governors to promote ideas for the improvement and further development of the school.

Regular presentations to the governors vary between explanations and representations of various aspects of school life and occasional suggestions for fundraising toward a special project, sometimes including requests for matched funding by governors.

The school’s eco committee was responsible for bringing the school up to the level where it could apply successfully for recognition as a green flag eco-school. The committee continues to make all in the school aware of the need to maintain the school grounds in an eco-friendly and natural manner, and to liaise with residents in the village in efforts to keep the village tidy and clean.

The members of the farm committee take special care of the animals, and others in years 5 and 6 help at lunch-time to provide friendly support and willing ears to ensure that no child should feel lonely.

We are proud that our work within the village, and their work with us, enables us to be recognised nationally as a caring community school.