The Tradition

In 1704, well before the introduction of free state education, Landrake-born Sir Robert Geffery left money in trust to provide free education in order to teach the children of the neighbourhood reading and writing and to give them religious instruction.

He then appointed the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers in London as Trustees to administer that Trust.

Sir Robert Geffery’s School, now part of the state education system, still has the benefit of the Trust and the interest of the Ironmongers’ Company both as Trustees and benefactors.

It is because of our association with the Ironmongers’ Company that we can proudly display the Ironmongers’ Coat of Arms, with its motto that translates as ‘iron endures’.

The school crest, which is also the Crest from the Ironmongers’ Coat of Arms, features a pair of salamanders. According to myth, salamanders could endure fire in the furnaces in which iron was produced.

As a school we are proud of our history, of our benefactors’ vision and of the firm foundations which have provided us with such a fine tradition – a tradition of looking forward.

Just as Sir Robert looked forward to the provision of free education, so we at the school look forward to providing an education for those children who are entrusted to us, equipping them to progress through the 21st Century with quiet but assured confidence.