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Bringing Learning to Our Exceptional School Farm

Using our Lovely School Farm

We are so thankful to ALL of our volunteers who continue to help in different ways on the farm, including the amazing Farm Committee. Within school time, we have been increasing the links across the curriculum to use this exceptional resource even more. Already, children from across the school enjoy enrichment activities on the farm: helping to look after the animals; learning about what the chickens and guinea pigs and Polly the donkey can and can’t eat;  helping to spread new bark on paths using a line of mini wheelbarrows; composting; growing vegetables depending on the season. The children really enjoy our farm and understand that is a part of our school and local community.

Over the last few weeks some examples of learning on the farm have included: Year 2 children using the space to inspire their ideas in Science and Year 5 practising weather reports in French. On Wednesday, Mr O’Hara’s maths group were putting their measuring and number skills into practice by pricing up fencing, roofing and ground cover improvements to areas of the farm.

We are excited to have started working with Leaf Education and we are aiming towards being a ‘Demonstration School’: a pioneering school or a college which uses, or is working towards using, farming, food production and the natural environment topics within its curriculum.

Thank you again to our school farm committee of parents for putting us in touch with Leaf – more information here.