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Children get active in ‘No Dig’ approach on the SRG Farm

At Sir Robert Geffery’s, are proud to be working with LEAF Education (more information below) to further incorporate experiences on our fantastic on-site Farm into curriculum lessons across school.

Over recent weeks, children across school have started to create a new ‘no-dig’ growing area on one of our paddocks. Children have learnt about how this approach keeps the nutrients in the soil and can result in better harvests of crops. They have also seen sustainability in practice since the compost that they have been wheeling down to the plots is from our very own animals, their bedding and fruit and veg peelings. Over time maths, English and science learning linked to the growing process will take place on the farm throughout the year. The children are looking forward to learning how to grow their own produce on their very own class allotment patch!

As a school, we are passionate about using our incredible outdoor space and facilities as much as possible to really broaden learning opportunities and the children really love and treasure their farm. They have been so excited to see the progress over the recent weeks, as each class has become involved in the creation of their own growing area from the very beginning – measuring out the plots, preparing and transporting the compost – it is a great project for the children to learn from.

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