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Harvest Festival

In the week before half term, children from across school took part in various activities to celebrate Harvest.

At the start of the week, in assembly we learnt about the ‘journey’ of harvested wheat from the ‘farm to the the fork’. Children enjoyed singing their favourite Harvest songs such as ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’. In our collective worship, we said prayers of thanks to God for the harvest and for all the people who help to bring food to our plates – the farmers, mill and factory workers, the lorry drivers, supermarket workers and mums, dads and carers too.

There were amazing contributions from the school community for the Harvest-themed cake sale on Tuesday, with half of the proceeds going to our school farm and half to the local village foodbank run by St Michael’s church.

On Thursday we all walked up to the church in the village, the children, youngest holding hands with the oldest, and children put their donations of tins etc at the altar for the foodbank to help others. The Harvest service from Reverend Laura was lovely and encouraged children to look after and share the precious earth we have. Each class then did their own harvest performance with songs, actions and prayers with a theme this year of celebrating the UK harvest. Parents and visitors said that they really enjoyed the service and commented on the children’s excellent behaviour.

What a wonderful Harvest festival week.