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Independent Pre-School

Our Ethos

At Sir Robert Geffery’s, Landrake, there is an independent preschool available onsite. Their independent Ofsted report can be found in the link below. They are a separate company, but lease part of our building and use the extensive grounds. The pre-school and main school work together closely to ensure that the transition to start in Reception at Sir Robert Geffery’s School runs smoothly and that children have the best possible start.

From the Preschool staff:

At Preschool we believe that all children are unique and value the importance of their unique learning styles. It is paramount that as an early years setting we support their learning effectively and productively ensuring they achieve their full potential. Ensuring the environment is rich in valuable experiences which engage each child through wonder and excitement.

Sir Robert Geffery’s Preschool is set on school grounds of the main primary school, within a bright and spacious building with a vast outdoor learning area which includes forest school woodland, farm, sensory play and exploration and imaginary play within the train garden and physical play on trikes and bikes and using the main school’s field.

We support children’s learning and development from the age of 18 months to school age. As an early years setting we value and support each child’s potential to develop and learn. Encouraging exploration, expressiveness, curiosity and creativity.

SRG Pre-School Ofsted Report January 2024


Preschool Values and Aims

At the Preschool, we strive to provide the highest quality learning experiences for all children. Learning that is exciting, valuable, challenging and enjoyable.

To provide the highest quality of early year’s teaching that takes account of, and responds to, the children’s interests, and developmental needs. Enabling them to value and take control of their own learning and development.

We promote a respectful joint learning environment with both children and their families, celebrating the richness of diversity and identity.

We value and nurture children’s curiosity, creativity and desire to make sense of the world, giving time for their thoughts and ideas, and value to their work, their conversations and their feelings.

We recognise and value children’s strengths, interests and learning styles so that they develop confidence, independence and high self-esteem.

To support the children in making the transition to the next phase of their education with enthusiasm and confidence following a happy and fun-filled time at Sir Robert Geffery’s Preschool.


The preschool is supported by a parent/carer committee, who support the manager and staff in the smooth running of the setting. Organising fund raising events, supporting trips away from the preschool such as trips to the theatre, zoo, train rides etc.

The Reception teacher within the main school is on the committee also, acting as a strong link between the setting and the main school ensuring an easy transition from the preschool to the school.



Children are supported by experienced qualified early year’s practitioners.  Managed by an Early Years Professional (BA Hons In Early Childhood Education).  All staff are passionate about early years’ education and use the Early Years Foundation Stage document as a support tool to plan, observe and assess each child’s learning and development ensuring all their unique needs are met.

The practices of Reggio Emilia’s Creative Early Year’s Teaching  and Emotion Coaching are also used within daily practice in order to support each child’s learning.

The Reggio Emilia Approach is based on the following principles:

  • Children must have some control over the direction of their learning.
  • The environment acts as a third teacher.
  • A triangle exists between the teacher, child and parent with reciprocal relationships and respect between the three.
  • Teachers learn to truly listen to children; documenting their dialogue and developments. The interests of the children may then fuel future project.
  • The children are seen as competent unique individuals with knowledge, understanding and interests. They have the ability to learn concepts far above those normally expected for their age.

Emotion Coaching enables practitioners to support and nurture each child’s well-being and resilience enabling them to learn and develop within a calm but vibrant, rich and explorative environment.

We provide quality early years’ education and recognise parents/carers as valued partners and first educators of their children and strive to work with them in joint partnership to enable each child to thrive.

Ratios are maintained at all times with a minimum of 1 adult to every 4 children aged under 3 years, 1 adult to every 3 children under 2 years and 1 adult to every 8 children 3 years and above.

Preschool is open from 7.15am to 5.30pm

SRG Pre-school Fees (April 2024)

18 Months
Half Day – £14.98
Lunch session – £6.00
Full day – £37.52

2 Years
Half Day – £14.71
Lunch session – £5.89
Full day – £36.85

3 Years Plus
Half Day – £14.58
Lunch session – £5.84
Full day – £36.51

7.15am – 9.00am : Breakfast Club – £6.60
7.45am – 9.00am : Breakfast Club – £8.25
3.15pm – 5.30pm : After School Club (1 hour = £5.98) (2 hours = £8.25)

  • Funding available for eligible 2 year olds.
  • Funding available for eligible 3 and 4 year olds (30 hours funding available).
  • We have sessions for children from the age of 18 months to school age.

Contact Us

Pre-School Manager –  Sarah Webb

Telephone:  01752 851343

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