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Sir Robert Geffery’s School – Curriculum Overview

Our bespoke curriculum at Sir Robert Geffery’s is tailor-made for children living in this area of Cornwall and who come to this school. Its purpose is to provide all of our children with the opportunity to live out our Christion mission through providing a knowledge-rich, balanced curriculum that develops children’s enthusiasm for learning in all the broad range of primary subjects. This allows all of our children to flourish academically, socially and emotionally and helps them to reach their potential. We pride ourselves on our rich curriculum helping each child to find their personal strengths and particular interests and celebrate individual successes wherever we can. Although our curriculum covers the requirements of the National Curriculum of 2014, at SRG we offer enrichment opportunities and experiences that go above and beyond this to make the children’s learning journey here as engaging, exciting and memorable as possible.

In KS2, subject specialists deliver the curriculum in the afternoons. Maths is taught in sets across KS2 where four classes are organised into five sets, reducing numbers. In literacy in Year 6 children are divided into smaller groups. Talk for Writing is used within English sessions in Reception and KS1 and where appropriate in KS2 and the children have additional spelling and grammar sessions that support them to grow in confidence in their spelling ability and knowledge of grammar.


Bug Club Phonics is used in KS1 and Reception to deliver the daily phonics lesson and across the school, the children have access to books from many different schemes. Reading is so important to all of us at Sir Robert Geffery’s – we love reading! Through Reception and Year 1, we ensure that children have one reading book that closely matches the phonics ‘sound’ that they are learning in class; another book which is at the book band that is ‘just right’ for their reading practice and a third book that they are able to choose for further enjoyment. When ready, during Year 2, children are moved onto the Accelerated Reader programme, which helps to continue to match their independent reading book to their reading ability and motivates them, in answering online ‘quizzes’ to develop and use their comprehension skills. Accelerated Reader counts the words children have read and many enjoy the rewards that come from it – we even have ‘millionaire readers’ and enjoy healthy competition between classes.

We are a learning-based community and teach learning skills. Lessons often start with a learning question which can include the learning ‘muscle’ we are using in the session (for example ‘collaborating’). Children use self-assessment and learning lines to reflect on their own learning and progress and they also practise having a Growth Mindset. Further information about what we learn and how we learn can be found in the subject specific and year group areas of the website.