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Charities and Communities

At Sir Robert Geffery’s we value the various communities in which we live, work and learn each day. This includes the community within each class and the importance of the social and emotional side to learning that is so important to each child’s all round development. We are a fully inclusive school and all children are recognised as unique individuals – children learn to celebrate their differences through our PSHE curriculum and through our school values and Christian ethos.

As a whole school community, we celebrate each other’s strengths and successes as well as supporting each other when needed. This is true of the staff and parents of the school as well as of the children.


We also work hard to build links with our local village community. We do this in a variety of ways including, but not exclusively:


The Friends of Sir Robert Geffery’s

Our Friends of SRG team, comprised of parents/carers of children in our school community, organise events that help provide fun, exciting and thoughtful opportunities for the children and the school community. The fund raising events, such as discos, the Christmas fete and summer fayre, are a true part of the tradition of the school and take place throughout the school year. The funds raised from this have enriched the experiences of the children of the school in a range of ways for example in purchasing extra play equipment, adding to our extensive ‘trim trail’, increase the number of Ipads and Chromebooks available for children to use in clubs.

The team are always keen to grow in size and would be grateful of any time you can give to support this. Please look out in the weekly newsletter for invites to meetings and to help at events.  


Other Charitable Work

As part of our school value of Service, children support the serving of meals at the monthly village community lunch. They enjoy chatting to the elderly members of our community, taking their meals to tables and listing their pudding orders.

As a school we regularly collect for other charities. These have recently included: Children in Need, Mission Rabies and Red Nose Day to name but a few.