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Year 6 visit Duchy College

Duchy College Primary Day – Year 6
Year 6 were lucky enough to travel to Duchy College, near Stoke Climsland for a day of learning on their amazing campus. Having been split into groups aptly and amusingly named ‘Goats’ and ‘Hamsters’, they then rotated through a huge range of activities which were led by the college staff and students. This included forest schools (marshmallow toasting, slack line walking and swing making), animal handling (ferret walking, land snails, giant stick insects, guinea pigs and meeting Harry the tortoise), scavenger hunts, crown making from natural materials, seed ID, the anatomy of farm animals, military assault course, sports and tractor and trailer rides. The children all had a fantastic time and they were complimented by the staff for their lovely manners and enthusiasm. Proud teachers and a day full of learning about the animals, the outdoors and a little about future courses and careers.
The college are hosting a family fun day on Saturday 2nd July. Ticket details in the link below.