Encouraging our Children to Learn

Every child has skill and ability. It is our pleasure to identify those skills and abilities, and to encourage all children to develop their potential.

The school teaches a broad and balanced curriculum which is in line with the most recent objectives of the National Curriculum. We expect good results in the official tests and examinations, but we recognise these as only part of the criteria by which a child’s achievements are measured.

Our teachers assess and monitor their pupils regularly and have high expectations of them. Rewards are given to children for consistently good work, for polite behaviour and for helpfulness. Gold cards are given to children for outstanding levels of achievement and are displayed with pride.

Our teachers also have their own teaching assessed through Performance Management monitoring and observation. They keep up to date with current developments in the areas of their responsibilities by attending conferences and courses, and they are expected to share what they have learned at staff meetings.

We are fortunate to have a large number of laptop computers, banked on trolleys known in the school as cows (Computers On Wheels!). These can be moved from classroom to classroom, enabling all classes to have ICT on a regular basis. Children are encouraged to develop skills and knowledge in an ever-changing world, so that they all become computer-literate by the end of their primary education.

There is an ongoing school development plan to which teachers, governors and advisers from the LEA all contribute.

We are particularly keen to maintain close contact with parents and guardians, to keep them informed about the curriculum and the teaching methods employed. We also hope to guide them in the ways that they can contribute to the education of their children. Easy access to the headteacher and class teachers is provided by appointment.

We also hold regular events at which parents are encouraged to speak to governors. We hold parents’ evenings and an open afternoon when parents are free to visit their child’s classroom, to look at the work on display around the school and to enjoy presentations of work by the children.

Teamwork between teachers, parents and governors is regarded as a vital ingredient in the development of the children. Each year we have a combined meeting between children, staff, parents, friends of the school and governors – in order to review what are perceived to be our strengths and what are perceived to be the areas which need further attention.